Sunday, November 7, 2010

December Holiday Season

Dear readers,

The sight of december is nearing as you can see the christmas decorations everywhere. I was at Watson's today and I saw them selling greeting cards, Santa's socks and Christmas tabletop trees (placed next to women's undergarment).
Also the weather is also working hand in hand with the calendar.... November Rain... and when december comes... umbrella will be your best friend.

Soon, I came to realization that the season of entertainment is coming . I NEED TO PLAN AHEAD. URGENTLY!!!

I want to design two menus which i can use to entertain the different guests profile during this season.
(A) Contemporary French Menu
(B) Asian Menu

It is always a challenge to put different food items together to make up a complete and satisfying menu. The items must compliment one another. Like how the wife complements the hubby and vice versa.
It is also tricky as one man's need is another man's poison... I cannot satisfy everyone, or can I?
I love soups.... and I hope my guests too.

Also the menu must be manageable for me to serve a crowd such that:
  • Kitchen constraints
  • Food remains fresh and warm
  • Cleaning and washing up (I will not use recycled materials)
  • My mental and physical tolerance....