Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year Dinner for Friends

We hosted our friends for dinner on New Year's Day.
We cooked up a decent french fare which I could happily say that everyone was impressed and satisfied. We were rather busy hence did not take much pictures.

The Menu

Brioche with herb butter
Prawn Bisque
Watermelon Granita
Cod Fish Fillet in Bochot Mussel Jus with Braised Cabbage
Mi Cuit Au Chocolate with Vanilla Ice-cream

Julia Child's Prawn Bisque

For those who read about Julia Child or watch "Julie and Julia" knows that Julia Child is infamous for bringing French cooking into the homes of the Americans. I bought her two recipe books and I find them very interesting to read. It is like she is speaking to you and sharing with you her passion in cooking. However, I like to say that the format of her recipes is extremely different to follow and unfriendly.

For my dear readers, I will post up the recipe of the delicious Prawn Bisque after I have tidy the recipe up. The soup if a must try. My guests had two servings each!