Saturday, August 27, 2011

A visit to "Daniel" in New York

I finally have the chance to step into New York and visiting "Daniel" is definitely on my agenda. I want to taste the creations of the world renowned three Michelin stars chef, Daniel Boulud.

I have tried the Marina Sands's DB Bistro Moderne and was brought to a new height of gastronomy delight. Hence I want.. I mean REALLY WANT.. to taste the food from the flagship "Daniel" which Daniel Boulud sits as the executive chef.

As some of you know that I am in US now so going down to NY isn't too difficult. I booked a table at Daniel fours days beforehand and only managed to get a 10pm table. Rather late to have dinner in Singapore. But apparently it is very common in NY. The dress code requests for "jacket" and hence we packed in our best suit and dress and off we go to the Big Apple.

Let me skip the sightseeing part and straight to my dinner. (* Isn't this blog is all about?)

We reached the restaurant. I entered the doors and I saw "HIM" about 5 metres in front of me. Daniel was talking to some guests. I was elated. "This is a worth while visit!"
My hubby and I went to the reception desk and asked for our table. In fact, we were very early. We were invited to sit at the waiting area and soon I ordered a flute champagne and my hubby ordered a glass of red wine. The service staff was extremely well-trained and professional. Few of them has a french accent. Then suddenly, a man with crisp white chef suit came over and greeted us. "Wooh, Daniel is here, next to me!" I am sure my mouth was opened for a few seconds. I quickly got myself together. We shook hands and I introduced us to him.

I told him that we are from Singapore and tried his restaurant there thus brought us to NY to try his food from the origin. He was very pleased (*I can see that) and he told us that we should try the original DB Bistro Moderne. My reply was "Oh..." (*well, I didn't know that was necessary as I want to go to the restaurant he was working in.

He told us he will be in Chiangmai first then proceed to Singapore in a couple of weeks. Also some inside news, his daughter is currently working in Singapore. She loves Singapore. Isn't this nice to hear?

After he left, my hubby and I stared at each other and gave an empty scream.... AHHHHHHH!
We spoke to Daniel Boulud!!!! We are so happy and excited. But soon we realised that we missed the chance to take a picture with him. Haiz...

It is okay. We are here for the experience. Shortly, we were shown to out table and we ordered the six course tasting menu. My hubby topped it off with wine pairing.

This is what I had:

  1. DUCK TERRINE WITH SAUTERNES Poached Apricot, Green Almond, Purslane Salad

  2. PEEKYTOE CRAB IN AN HEIRLOOM TOMATO GELÉE Thai Basil, Avocado, Mango, Lilliput Capers and Olive Bread Tuile
  3. MAINE SEA SCALLOP ROSETTE WITH LOVAGE Hawaiian Hearts of Palm, Avocado-Tomatillo Coulis, Pickled Fresno Pepper

  4. GRILLED ALASKAN KING SALMON WITH BLACK MUSTO OIL Stuffed Zucchini, Oregano-Pine Nut Gremolata
  5. TASTING OF VEAL Roasted Tenderloin with Eggplant Purée, Braised Cheeks with Glazed Zucchini, Crispy Sweetbreads with Caper Caponata
  6. LEMONGRASS POACHED PINEAPPLE Coconut Meringue, Lime-Rum Gelée, Piña Colada Sorbet
Although it was a six course dinner, the chef threw in a complimentary starter and also some warmed mini Madeleines and chocolates to end the dinner.

It was truly the epitome of French Dining. We enjoyed the dinner thoroughly. It is really beyond words can describe.