Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Volunteering at Community Center to share my Passion

Dear friends, 

I have decided to step out of my kitchen and share my passion for food and cooking with the community. My stay in US has definitely allow me to understand the need to contribute to my community and play my part of returning back to the society. Hence I got connected to a MP and then to Tampines North CC to volunteer my time to gather people together to make friends and talk about food. As the saying goes, food brings people together. I hope through this activity, I can change Singapore to a place where we truly belong. 

I welcome all readers of my humble blog to join. Just couple of points to note. 

  • This session is not cooking lesson as I am not an expert. I would like everyone to join me to share our knowledge about food and most importantly make friends. Do not bring the food home because we are going to dine there! :)  
  •  As I mentioned, I am a volunteer for this activity hence I do not make money out of this. The fee goes to cover ingredients and PA admin/ room charges. 

To register, click on link: